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The Public Speaking Institute employs an evidence-based coaching and training methodology.

For the first time ever, you’re assessed and tracked to know EXACTLY where your strengths and areas for improvement lie.

Evidence-based mentoring ensures that each team member is given a tailored solution which incorporates quantification and intuition. This means that improvements are measured, dynamic and rapid.

We Teach And Maintain Connection 24/7 With Every Mentee Online

Common Requests By Corporate Organisations

Develop Leaders
Develop Teams
Improve Training ROI
Develop Confidence
Sales Presentations
Increase Leads
Facilitate Workshops

Generating The Evidence

Learning how to communicate clearly and confidently has always been subjective by nature. Companies waste money on training without any evidence that training has been embedded. Until now, there has been no clear cut way to evidence any advancement.

In partnership with Coaches Avenue, we utilise “The Mindset Platform” to support you. Alongside mentoring, this platform plays an integral role in the commencement of continuous improvement.

The instructions are simple as staff are to reflect and set a goal for the coming week. This two-step activity is analysed by our system, quantifying, measuring and providing evidence for:

  • Individual progress
  • Unnecessary labour costs
  • Specific training requirements for each team member
  • Training outcomes and ROI

We focus on communication development from a strategic perspective to deliver everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

``To Communicate Clearly And With Influence Is The Oxygen Of Business.``

Youarn Bell, CEO The Public Speaking Institute

The 2 Minute Self Management Methodology

Monday Reflection
Staff reflect using our survey and think of their position
Set Weekly Goals
Staff are encouraged to set 1 to 2 weekly goals
Confirm Goals
Staff confirm achieved goals and help peers
Staff are encouraged to set goals for other staff
Manager Logs In
Managers can list goals or empower the staff to self manage
Views Dashboard
Manager views individual and team reporting to ensure progress
Celebrates Successes
Manager praises, motivates and acknowledges achievement
Development Needs
Manager determines if any training is required based on fact

Our Platform Will Support You To Be Targeted

To Track And Support The Continual Progress Of Your Team

This Is Evidenced By Staff Completing The Survey Prior To The Course
This Is Customised Based On The Survey Results Of Each Person
Activity Based With Every Person Having Goals Set By Our Team
Every Person Is Connected Online To Us And Goals Are Set Each Month

Founding Members

Youarn Bell


Youarn Bell has helped thousands of people improve their communication impact. An expert in communication influence for leaders, Youarn brings over 20 years experience in highly-specialised communication development roles such as acting, producing, directing, television and radio

Frazer Yendell


An expert in building cohesive organisations, Frazer believes leadership influence is correlated with the leaders ability to guide, unite and inspire their team. With over 20 years experience educating young leaders to communicate within teams, Frazer guides organisations to create greater cohesion and influence through communication.


The Public Speaking Institute has the flexibility to provide on or off-site training.

Ensuring that your team receives the highest quality results is our priority. To that end, we have a facility that is built specifically to provide the highest possible quality training environment for teams and leaders.

We also understand that sometimes the best results can be achieved by meeting you in your environment. The more we understand your needs, the better we can help you achieve optimum results.

Your Team’s Growth To Achieve The Best Possible Results Is Our Priority

Meetings Without Measure Or Clear Purpose Are A Waste Of Time

We Support You To Structure Better Conversations And Improve Human Connection!

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